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Everything You Need to Make Informed Training Decisions

Maximize your coaching impact with data analytics tools, automated reports and online educational recources.


Improve your athletes' agility and ability to run faster for longer.

Coach speed even if you are not a speed coach. 

Expand your virtual coaching presence through ai powered data reports.

You don't need to be a speed
coach to coach speed.

Get ahead with data-driven solutions and our comprehensive resources.


VueMotion Reports

With just your mobile phone, you can record and upload videos to our system and get lab-grade data report of your athlete's running form.

  • Reports for accelaration, Max V and change of direction movements

  • Average minimum and maximum speed

  • Step-by-step breakdown of running movement

  • Ground contact time, air-time and drive index 

  • Hip displacement and step frequency

  • Angels at different body joints


PSR Reports 

Our reports on Projection, Reactivity, and Switching simplify data analysis by providing a scoring system to quantify and compare performance over time.

  • Projection, switching and reactivity scores 

  • Compare your scores to top performers  

  • Track and monitor performance over time

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses

  • Assess sudden changes in performance to reduce risk of injuries.

  • Identify discrepancies in leg dominance or asymmetry 


Exercise Menus

Coaching decisions can be difficult, but we strive to make them easier for you. Our personalized exercise menus are tailored to improve your athletes' PSR scores, allowing you to feel more confident in your coaching decisions.

  • Simple and easily implementable exercises tailored to fit specific needs of your session.

  • Regularly updated library, keeping you informed with the latest and most current trends in the field.



Our reports on Projection, Reactivity, and Switching simplify data analysis by providing a scoring system to quantify and compare performance over time.

  • Interpret team data easily and quickly data visualization tools like charts and graphs

  • Summarize data from group training sessions 

  • Compare athlete scores across the team

  • Understand overall team strengths and weaknesses and identify potential injury risks

Get the tools you need to ensure your athletes run faster.

Pre-recorded courses, virtual internships, and webinars delivered in micro-lessons. Learn at your own pace and enhance your knowledge and skills to benefit your team.

Receive personalized advice and tailor your coaching approach through our zoom calls and mentorship programs.

Our exercise menus are tailored to target specific areas of weakness, resulting in improved PSR scores and overall performance for your team. 

One-day coach education program covering various topics from interpreting biomechanical reports to enhancing game speed through theoretical and practical learning.

Let's Get Things Started 


​New customers will be required to purchase both the VueMotion annual fee and the tests together.



With each test that is processed, you will receive a VueMotion Report, Solutions PSR Report and Exercise Recommendations. 

Please get in touch if you would be interested in having your own Dashboard and/or your company Logo's on the PSR Reports.

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