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Your Complete Solution for
Game-Changing Analysis

We work with teams across 15 different sports globally to provide detailed objective feedback and precise analysis to inform key performance decisions.

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Cutting-Edge Tools for Elite Teams

As a trusted partner of some of the world's biggest sports teams, Speed Solutions is driving a transformation in how sprint performance insights are applied across all sports.


Seamless Video
Collection & Processing

Simply capture videos of your running movements on any surface, upload them to your account, and receive automated biomechanics reports.

Your report will include:

✔ Run Time 
✔ Average minimum & maximum speed
✔ Hip displacement 
✔ Ground contact time
✔ Air time  
✔ Step length  Step symmetry
✔ Step frequency
✔ Angles at different body joints


Complex Data Simplified

Our biomechanical reports can sometimes be complex to understand, which is why we also offer PSR reports. These reports provide a simpler breakdown of your running performance based on three key elements: Projection, Switching, and Reactivity.

✔ Gain a deep understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and enhance your sprint technique. 

✔ Compare your scores against top-performing athletes. 

✔ Interpret data easily and quickly through visualization tools like charts and graphs.


Accurate and Actionable Training Interventions

Based on your athletes' psr scores, we provide you with customized exercise menus that directly focus on targeting areas of weaknesses to enhance sprint time and form.

 Constantly updated exercise library to ensure that you have access to the latest training techniques and strategies.

 Customized exercises designed to meet the specific requirements of a program and can seamlessly integrate into any session.

 Improve your athlete's PSR Scores and stay ahead of the competition.


Identify Trends & Reduce The Risk of Injuries

With the ability to monitor and benchmark performance data, you can proactively identify and mitigate factors that may contribute to injury risk and optimize your team's performance.

✔ Track and monitor performance over time.

✔ Identify any discrepancies in leg dominance or asymmetry across the team.

✔ Identify any changes in performance or potential signs of fatigue or injury, to enable timely intervention and minimize injury risks.

More to Elevate Your Performance

Live Training Sessions

Receive tailored guidance to help you better understand and optimize your training techniques.

An array of courses covering diverse specialty topics, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

An informative visual video report of your running clip, accurately identifying your movement patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Education Hub 

Video Report 


Sport Specific Support

Discover how enhancing your speed and technique can lead to improved performance in your chosen sport.

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In the NFL,  faster wide receivers  are more likely to have higher receiving yards per game, more touchdowns, and more Pro Bowl appearances than their slower counterparts.

NBA players with faster 20-meter sprint times tended to have higher scoring averages, more assists, and more steals per game.

Premier league players tend to have higher dribbling success rates, more successful tackles, and more successful crosses into the box.

The above information is based on published research  from The Journal of strength and conditioning and The Journal of Sports Sciences.


Why sit on the sidelines when you can be the fastest and play your best out there?

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Matt​ Van Dyke, Director of Applied Sports Science

Houston Texans

The Speedworks team has been instrumental in our continued effort to quantify movement in a consistent, reliable manner. The deeper understanding of an athlete’s individual strategies in sprinting and change of direction has led to alterations in athlete programming, coaching, and monitoring over time at a level not available previously. Pairing these valuable metrics with our elite-level coaches has created a unique environment.

Let's Get Things Started 

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