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Top Tools for Students and Coaches

Our system is  built to empower your entire school community:  Every student, coach, and team gets access to game-changing tools!

Empower Your Teachers

Boost your teachers' confidence by providing them with the opportunity to become speed and movement coaches, and help them make a positive impact on students' lives. 

Invest In Your Students

Inspire your students to be lifelong physically active and make an everlasting impact on their lives.

Support Every Team

Our speed system is built for all sports and skill levels and designed to accompany your students throughout the entire year, providing consistent support and development.

One solution for your whole program

A school wide package that gives everyone equal access to the tools they need to improve.


By focusing on the foundational aspects of speed, athletes can enhance their agility, quickness, and power across all sports throughout the year.


Our speed training programs aim to improve your students' running form, leading to reduced risk of injuries.


You don't need to be a speed coach to coach speed!

By simply taking a video of your athletes running, you will be supplied with a biomechanical report with all the information you need to make informed training decisions.

We support you through your journey

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Quick Set-up times

With just a mobile phone, record runs and upload them to our system. We can offer support whenever you need it.

Automated Reports 

Get detailed yet simplified biomechanical reports on sprinting and COD movements, highlighting athlete's strengths and weaknesses and compare their performance to their peers.

Exercise Menus

Based on your students' report scores, get a list of actionable training exercises to improve their performance and reduce injury risks.

Online Education

Our courses and webinars ensure you elevate your coaching skills and our zoom calls ensure you get the support you need.

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Year-Round Program for Different Sports

We understand that performance optimization is a year-round endeavor. That's why our system offers a comprehensive program designed to cater to athletes in various sports throughout the seasons.

✔ Ensure that your athletes are consistently training at their best, regardless of the sport they participate in.

✔ Monitor and support your student-athletes as they navigate the challenges of growth and maturation.


Seamless Video Recording and Report Retrieval 

Record and upload videos using only a mobile phone and 5 cones. Receive a detailed Ai powered VueMotion report analyzing running biomechanics, alongside a PSR report with a scoring system to easily evaluate your athletes' strengths and weaknesses.

✔  Detailed setup guide and ongoing support throughout the entire process.


✔ Quickly track and identify areas that require attention, tailor your training programs accordingly and address any issues that might lead to injury. 


✔ Receive growth and maturation scores, enabling you to compare your students' performance to their peers of the same age group.



Make Informed Training Decisions

Based on your student-athletes' psr scores, we provide you with customized exercise menus that directly focus on targeting their weaknesses and ultimately improve their game.

✔ Constantly updated exercise library to ensure that you have access to the latest training techniques and strategies.

✔ Simple and easily implementable exercises tailored to fit specific lesson needs.

✔ Improved PSR scores lead to healthier and stronger bodies for your student athletes, positively impacting their mental well-being.


Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions and Seminars

We're committed to empowering your teachers with the necessary tools and support to succeed. With a proven track record of assisting schools on inset days and throughout the term, we're here to help your teachers excel.

✔ Face-to-face sessions offer personalized guidance on video recording, uploading, and coaching techniques.

✔ Our seminars empower your teachers/coaches with the knowledge to coach speed, regardless of expertise in the area.

✔ Live calls with our experts provide additional assistance and support.


Our services summarized

Develop well-rounded student athletes and enhance your sports programs.

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VueMotion Reports

Our biomechanical reports include simplified illustrations, graphs, and measures for quantitative analysis of running movements.


PSR Reports

Our PSR Report turn complex data into simplified scores that highlight the key components of a sprinting movement: Projection, Switching and Reactivity. 


Exercise Menus

Our exercise menus are designed to address specific areas of weakness and ultimately enhance your PSR scores and overall performance.

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Easily monitor and benchmark performance data to proactively identify and mitigate factors that may contribute to injury risk.


Education Hub

Our educational hub offers a wide array of courses covering diverse specialty topics, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

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Live Support 

Whether it's through Zoom calls, school visits, or personalized training programs. We are always here to assist you in your learning journey.

Let's Get Things Started 

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